1. Comic artist from 1975 to 1983 (Ediperiodici, Edifumetto, Lancio, Rizzoli etc) in Giuseppe Montanari’s team (now Dylan Dog’s comic artist)

  2. Livraghi, Ogilvy & Mather’s visualizer 1983/1985 (advertising agency )

  3. Visualizer-illustrator free-lance 1985/1987

  4. Visualizer illustrator in Canard Milan 1987/1990 (advertising agency )

  5. Display teacher at the New Academy (NABA) 1990/1996

  6. Author of the illustrations of the international course for elementary school "Quest" (5 volumes Ed Longman) 1995/2000 - Producer and author of animated videos from "Quest" books (1999 2000)

  7. Digital graphics and illustration teacher at the Istituto Superiore di design (IED) 2002/2003

  8. Owner, since 1997/2005, of staining and digital graphic courses at the Disney Academy and at the making of periodical at "The Walt Disney Company"

  9. 2005/2006 Color supervisor of the "Kylion" comic series from n. 6 to 13 (Buena Vista/ Disney)

  10. currently an illustrator, art director and freelance photo-editing author.